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A typical day at our center!

Please note that this schedule is merely a guideline for what a typical day at our center would look like. Actual times and activities may often vary according to the childrens' needs and interests.

Our hours range from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

8:00 AM

Arrival + Free playtime

8:30 AM


9:15 AM

Free playtime

9:30 AM

Morning circle time - Focused on Mandarin

10:00 AM

Bathroom time

10:15 AM

Outdoor activity

11:00 AM

Small group activities

11:30 AM

Lunch time

12:30 PM

Bathroom time

12:45 PM

Nap time story

1:00 PM

Nap time

3:15 PM

Bathroom time

3:30 PM

Snack time

4:00 PM

Afternoon circle time - Focused on English

4:30 PM

Outdoor activity

5:30 PM

Pickup and free playtime

Schedule: Schedule
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